Fanny Inserra X Kauri Paper Studio

Set design Preview MEIN LIEBE

Kauri Paper Studio is a French creative studio created by Anouk, an illustrator and Paper Artist. At the same time pop, colorful and delicate, she likes to create paper decorations for Set design, window scenography, photo shoots and illustration. Each project is unique and tailor-made, each piece is cut by hand. She likes to take up the challenge of adapting as best as possible to customer demand and to the style of the brand.

With Anouk we wanted a strong and offbeat image while respecting the well-tempered style of the MEIN LIEBE collection. At first our two creative minds went all over the place. And finally we were rather on the same wavelength: “WE WANT ROSE, KITSH AND TUNING!” The car is inspired by the 1961 Chevrolet Impala model, tuned like jaja, with some golden details for a nod to Lore. The jewelry, made of recycled plexiglass and rings, contrasts well with the smooth and uniform side of the paper (even if they gave Anouk a hard time when taking the picture: orient the light spots on an object transparent was not so easy) From the sketch to the shooting, passing by the realization of each paper elements, it will have taken thirty hours of work for the realization of this image.