Fanny Inserra Jewellery

Growing in a popular and multicultural environment, Fanny created a brand that aims to be free and spontaneous.

Created in 2019, Fanny Inserra Jewellery declines contemporary and affirmed jewels with as a guideline a touch of nostalgia.

Inspired by the grunge culture of the 90s, the beginning of the 2000s and by the northerner folklore, Fanny Inserra Jewellery wants to break the social and stylistic barriers

between familiarity, singularity and delicacy.

Independent label and made in France

All the jewels are designed and Handmade in my studio.

Fanny Inserra Jewellery is made with a brass or 925 silver base with gold filled or gold plated finitions.

My project is to create durable and recyclable pieces to encourage a different mindset on uniqueness, quality and originality rather than quantity.⁣

I take care of all aspects of my business, I’m the founder and the designer, I’m in charge of marketing, photography, website, shipping, Instagram content …


Today, it’s more inspiring than ever to find thoughtful and sustainable ways to create jewellery. That’s why I try to have the least possible impact on the environment thanks to the raw materials from recovery and by the optimisation of my scraps.

Each upcycling piece is unique and is handmade with material from recovery in my French workshop.

Upcycling is getting out of what we consider to be the primary function of a material to take it to a different use. The waste becomes the start of a new cycle of creation.

Packaging, sending and care

Give up the superfluous to keep only the essential…

Fanny Inserra wants to promote sustainable development. This is why we care about the environment and do our best to choose eco-friendly options, the most important is the jewel we therefore avoid excessive packaging.

Each jewelry is placed in an individual box or accompanied by a fabric pouch.

My jewellery is handmade on order, this is why there is a little waiting time before the sending.

How to preserve your jewel?

 • Avoid contact with water, cosmetics and chemicals products

• Do not sleep with the jewel

• Store your jewel in a dry and dark place